Count down

Hi there! This week I’m counting down the days to what feels - to me - like the proper start of the new season. I’m finishing up a few projects that I aim to have completed in August and I prepare for the start of the new semester, as I will yet again take a university level course. Since I moved from Norway to Brunei a bit more than two years ago, I have completed nine different remote courses from five different universities! As I’m a Swedish citizen I have free access to university courses there and that is truly a privilege and an opportunity not to miss. And, I will not lie, that "beginning of the school year" feeling is such a nice one...


The courses I have studied so far has ranged between typography (much more interesting and useful than I could ever imagine), graphic design and illustration - of course - but also more specialized courses such as branding from a sustainable perspective and digital image editing. This time I'm going back to my roots and will be taking a course in universal design. Even though I decided to branch out when we moved here and start exploring different areas within design that would be easier to work with remotely, I still want to keep up to date with my architectural and interior design knowledge. 

Something different

The long summer is coming to an end, even if here in Brunei the temperature is pretty much the same all year round. These days, to me “summer” doesn’t have that much to do with sunshine and heat, but is more related to the two months where I travel a lot and work less. But now, as August has begun, it’s back to normal routines and schedules! August and September will be quite busy for me this year, but so far only with project I look forward to and enjoy.

One of the project that are taking up a lot of my time - and brain space - right now is a children’s yoga book I’m making together with a friend. She’s writing the story and I’m providing the illustrations. I have the motives pretty much all set, but at the moment I’m experimenting with what techniques to use, especially for the backgrounds. As the story takes place here on Borneo I want the illustrations to be lush, green and full of life and to achieve that I’ve been playing around with acrylic paint and digital effects. Not sure where all this will end up yet, but it’s definitely a fun creative process.  


back in business


I'm back in Brunei after a two week long holiday in Mongolia. Besides enjoying the beautiful scenery and going kayaking I spent some time by myself, just drawing. I have a new motif for a big Mongolia-themes illustration in mind, as well as a sketchbook full of flower sketches for a few new patterns. Can't wait to get started!