Count down

Hi there! This week I’m counting down the days to what feels - to me - like the proper start of the new season. I’m finishing up a few projects that I aim to have completed in August and I prepare for the start of the new semester, as I will yet again take a university level course. Since I moved from Norway to Brunei a bit more than two years ago, I have completed nine different remote courses from five different universities! As I’m a Swedish citizen I have free access to university courses there and that is truly a privilege and an opportunity not to miss. And, I will not lie, that "beginning of the school year" feeling is such a nice one...


The courses I have studied so far has ranged between typography (much more interesting and useful than I could ever imagine), graphic design and illustration - of course - but also more specialized courses such as branding from a sustainable perspective and digital image editing. This time I'm going back to my roots and will be taking a course in universal design. Even though I decided to branch out when we moved here and start exploring different areas within design that would be easier to work with remotely, I still want to keep up to date with my architectural and interior design knowledge.