portfolio: illustration 

An illustration can be so many things! It can function as a complement to a text or a graph and help to explain and support the message of it. It can also stand by itself as a piece of art, or be repeated as a pattern. In my work I mix hand-drawn elements with digital and I love to create playful, decorative and sometimes weird motives. 


Unpublished work


illustration of CHILDREN'S yoga book

Self published together with the author, children’s yoga teacher Adriana Ferrari

home is where the heart is

Illustrations inspired by locations from around the world

Panaga, Brunei

Panaga, Brunei

Stavanger, Norge

Stavanger, Norge

botanical patterns

Unpublished work

abstract Botanical patterns

Unpublished work

what goes on in the brain?

Poster for a fictional exhibition for children, with the theme play and learn.

Student work f Berghs School of Communication

Annika Mega Mind-01.jpg

pasta pattern

Student work for Linnéuniversitetet

store concept

Course assignment with a sports gear shop as fictional client. Illustrations and patterns to be used in the interior, on packaging and tags.

Studentuppgift för Berghs SoC



Illustrations and icons fictional advertisment campain for a dairycompany
Student work for Berghs SoC

frukost symboler.jpg

illustrated information

Student work for Högskolan i Kristianstad


insta heroes

Portraits of inspiring women
Unpublished work

character design: monsters

Unpublished work

Book illustration

Full page and detail illustration for book on mythology from around the world. These illustrations depict the story of the great flood in Indian mytholigy. 

Student work for Berghs SoC